Glamour Super Soft Mini Pet Sofa

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Luxury pet soft mini sofa now softened
The Glamour Super Soft model, dedicated to interiors in a modern, functional and elegant style, is a timeless design. For your pet, it’s a guarantee of comfort and sweet dreams, and for the owner, a beautiful addition to the interior.

Comfy and cosy pet sofa
The pillow case is made from faux fur so the little friend can just relax in the fluff. After all isn't that what all the pets require after a eventful day?

Comfy soft sofa for dogs and cats
Durable sofa for your pet. Pet-safe durable fabric. The fabric is pet-friendly, the pillow case is removable and the materials from which it is made guarantee durability and easy cleaning. The quilted material reflects the most expensive furniture and will add glamour to your interior anywhere you place it.

Hand-crafted pet sofa
All our products are 100% handcrafted by the best, talented craftsmen. Thanks to this, each pet bed is made with the accuracy that only an enthusiast can provide.

Luxury dog mini sofas and couches
Hand made dog beds and sofas. Highest quality sofa for pets. We love our four-legged friends, so when designing luxury dog beds, we use the best materials and focus on quality, not mass production.


35.5cmx50cmx80cm (HxDxW)


The Mini Sofas are made from durable, hight quality (75 000 Martindale’a test), easy clean, pet-friendly materials.

Care Instructions

The Easy Clean technology allows the removal of even tough stains without the need for chemical cleaning agents, simply use a damp cloth (not wet).

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