LILA Cat Scratching Post

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Give your cat a LILA scratcher and let it feel the joy of having its piece of furniture.Aesthetically designed and handmade from natural materials, it attracts cats like a magnet and fits perfectly into the interiors of houses and apartments.Every cat is thrilled when it can scratch and play at will.Let your cat feel happy just to the end of its tail.

The LILA scratcher is made of cardboard and felt. These simple materials and their selection are not accidental, because we want your cat to accept and like each piece of furniture created especially for it.The whole post is a scratcher so that your cat can sharpen its claws so it won’t damage your furniture.The LILA scratcher is a place to play together and can be either standing or lying down.Your cat will know how to use the house and doesn’t need any manual for this.


  • Size: 30 x 26 x 59 cm (W x L x H)
  • Weight: 3.5 kg


  • Corrugated cardboard and felt.
Care Instructions

Take care of your safety while playing with your cat. It has sharp claws and you may get hurt.

The cat can scratch the LILA post from outside, inside, from the top, front, back and both sides, there are no restrictions.

Playing with a cat never ends due to it’s special features:
– standing tunnel – cat can jump on it and observe,
– laying down tunnel – a whole new range of possibilities for playing.

Sitting at height is what cats like to do, even if the height is not so high. All you have to do is to put the LILA scratcher a little higher than the floor level and let your cat to jump on it, lie down and rest.

Package Weight
  • 3.5 kg
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