Guanto Dry Glove

By MiaCara
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We love our dogs, but our dogs love to get dirty. Paw marks on your floors, carpet and sofa are just a regular feature of a dog-friendly household, but they don’t have to be.

The soft Guanto dog drying glove is made of highly-absorbent organic cotton terry cloth for precise drying and cleaning of paws.

The Guanto dog dry glove easily cleans mud and dirt off paws after a daily walk. It provides a firm grip for easy use, and the soft organic cotton terry cloth absorbs moisture to ensure your faithful friend’s paws are clean and dry before they come inside.

In combination with Puro dog shampoo, the Guanto dog dry glove is also ideal for shampooing, quickly loosening dirt in the coat.

For a fabulous post-wash feeling, we recommend the Bagno dog bathrobe, which fits snugly to your dog’s body thanks to its excellent fit.


  • Guanto is available in one size.
    approx. 19 x 40 cm (L x H)


  • 100% Cotton

Care Instructions

The Guanto dry glove can be easily washed in the washing machine at 60° C if it gets dirty. After cleaning, Secco can be dried in the dryer at a low temperature and ironed on a medium setting.

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