Duke Lia Dog Collar

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Special Duke Lia collar for greyhounds made of 100% Italian printed calfskin leather with a durable leather lining. Greyhounds have a specific and peculiar anatomy that must be taken into account when choosing the right necklace.

Its long, narrow neck requires greater support and, for this reason, it is always better to opt for wide and sturdy collars. The traditional five-hole buckle system allows you to adjust it perfectly without being squeezed or paraded over your head.

Made in Italy. 


L: 33-37cm (width 5cm)


  • Special collar for whitefish (whippet, piccolo, greyhound, etc.) made of 100% soft-touch cowhide leather
  • 100% soft leather lining
  • Leather pin
  • Gold finish iron buckle and ring
  • Portamedallitas in dorado
  • Perfect fabric pouch for travel and on the go

Care Instructions

  • Rub any stain with a dry or slightly damp cloth.
  • DO NOT use moisturizing creams or various additives.
  • Clean the ring and buckle with a dry cotton cloth.

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