Fab Paw Soothing & Conditioning Protection Balm

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Super rich & nourishing, this magnificent melting butter balm has been specially formulated with natural ingredients to calm, sooth and condition dry cracked skin and minor irritations as well as protecting
a dog's paws from sores.

This balm is best used along our collection of aromatherapy based grooming for dogs... because they're woof it!

Made in United Kingdom

How To Use

It's the wizzard of paws! Takes the ruff and the smooth, with calming conditioning oils that gently soothe.

Gently massage the soothing balm into problem areas until absorbed. Let the therapeutic oils infuse whilst you calmly stroke and give your dog a hug.

Keep this pot of goodness handy for dry paws, skin and snouts.



  • Woodland Wonderfur 100% natural scent expertly blended with aroma-therapeutic essential oils renowned for calming & soothing properties
  • Paw Paw (papaya seed oil) to sooth skin
  • Coconut oil super conditioning
  • Sweet Almond & Sunflower oil moisturising & conditioning
  • Wheatgerm oil - rich in omegas and vitamins
  • Shea butter - moisturising protection
  • Vitamin E antioxidant conditioning
  • 99.8% natural formula (the rest is Vitamin E)
  • Vegan friendly

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