Ah, summer! The season of sunshine, outdoor adventures, and wagging tails. As pet owners, it's our responsibility to ensure our furry friends stay cool and hydrated, whether they're enjoying backyard playtime or joining us on our summertime walks. So, grab a frosty beverage and get ready for a paw-some guide that combines the best of both worlds. We'll cover tips for homebound fun and keepin' it cool on the go, all while maintaining our signature wit and lightheartedness. Let's embark on this delightful journey together!

  • Hydration Hacks: Hydration is key, no matter where the summer takes you and your furry sidekick. At home or your back garden, consider a stylish water dispenser like the Carmel Ceramica Food and Water Bowl, handmade from durable stoneware, it adds a touch of cottage charm to your pet's drinking experience, or if you are opt for an urban chic then MiaCara TROGOLO CONCRETE TROUGH will be your choice.
    MiaCara PIEGA FOLDABLE TRAVEL BOWL | Glamourpurrs
    On the go, be the hydration hero with the MiaCara Bottiglia Water Bottle. Made of BPA-free plastic, it features a leak-proof design and a convenient strap for easy carrying. Pair it with the foldable Piega Travel Bowl, made of food-grade silicone, for portable refreshment. 
  • The Cool Zone: Designate a cool spot in your home where your pets can retreat from the heat. Consider creating a stylish and comfortable space with the Labbvenn Kikko Table,this minimalist table doubles as a resting place for your cat, featuring a hammock made of quilted fabric.
    Labbvenn KIKKO TABLE | Glamourpurrs
    It adds a touch of elegance while providing a relaxing chill-out spot for your cats.
  • Shade-Seeking Specialists: Whether in the backyard or on a walk, seek out shady spots where your pet can take a break from the sun.
    Lambwolf Collective ORII // ULTRALIGHT PET TRAVEL MAT | Glamourpurrs
    For portable comfort, the Lambwolf Collective Orii Ultralight Pet Travel Mat is a great option, made with showerproof and breathable fabric, this lightweight portable mat provides a cool resting place for your pet during summer adventures.
  • Frozen Delights for On-the-Go Fun: Who says frozen treats are limited to backyard playtime? Think outside the icebox and get creative! Prepare frozen goodies using diluted broth and tasty treats, freezing them into delightful cubes.
    Pop a few into a travel container, and as they melt, your pet will enjoy a flavourful and refreshing snack, adding some on-the-go coolness to your summer excursions.
  • Puppy Pool Parties: No summer is complete without a bit of splashing and swimming. If you have a backyard or access to a suitable area, why not throw a puppy pool party? Just remember to keep a few towels on hand to dry them off afterward. The MiaCara Mano Dog Towel with Pockets is the perfect companion for this task, made from organic cotton terry cloth, it boasts exceptional absorbency, making it ideal for drying and cleaning those adorable paws.
    MiaCara PANNO MICROFIBER DOG TOWEL | Glamourpurrs
    For an eco-friendly option, consider the Labbvenn Linaa Towel, crafted with bamboo/cotton fibres, this towel not only promotes environmental awareness but also provides superior water absorption.
  • Timely Triumphs: Plan your summer walks strategically to avoid the hottest parts of the day. Early mornings and late evenings offer cooler temperatures for leisurely strolls. Take advantage of this magical time to make memories with your furry companion.

Summer is a season of boundless joy and adventure for both pets and their owners.By implementing these practical tips into your routine, you can ensure that your furry companions stay comfortable and happy in the heat.So, get ready to embrace laughter, embark on memorable adventures, and make this summer the coolest one yet for you and your beloved furry friends.

*Banner Photo by Alvin Balemesa.
** Product Photos by MiaCara, Labbvenn and Lambwolf Collective.